our road to Iris – part 1 of many


Oh my goodness – isn’t she a beautiful little girl?  And guess who gets to be her mother?  ME!!  (insert crazy screaming here)

I am the lucky mother of another daughter – as of yesterday – when China gave us “pre-approval” on adopting this beautiful little lady.  She is 6 years old and has never had a mom or dad or brother or sister – until now.  And we are it!  We still have some time to go until we can get her – the US has to give us a visa and then China needs to translate all our paperwork and invite us to travel.  But it will come.  Not too soon for sure, but it will come.

Let me give you some roadblocks/experiences/moments along the way that brought us to adopting Iris.

1.  We adopted Mesfin.  Roadblock

Yes, I’m afraid to say, but this was initially a roadblock.  We couldn’t wait to adopt and then we showed up in Ethiopia to pick up a 3-year-old kid, who turned out to be almost 6, who didn’t speak English and who disliked me greatly.  This was evident after about six weeks home when we were driving in my mini-van and the boy who spoke hardly any English managed to get out this: “You can not be my mom.  You will never be my mom.  I have a mom in Ethiopia.”  Ok, where do you go with that?

2.  We adopted Mesfin.  Experience

He is wonderful.  He is adorable.  He is special.  He calls me mom.  And, although he still misses his first mom – a loss that will never go away –  he’s happy that he gets to be a kid with two moms in this world because he says he can’t imagine life without me now.

3.  I took a turn at being the Holy Spirit – BIG ROADBLOCK

Once Mesfin became so perfect for our family, I wanted to adopt again.  My husband was not quite so ready.  So I began to ask and suggest and question and challenge him on a weekly basis.  Some may call this nagging……..I prefered to think of it as being his holy spirit.  I’m a bad holy spirit.  I mean, really bad.  This ended with an ultimatium from the hubby “Stop trying to be my holy spirit or I will start removing kids from this family, not adding more.”  I went mute on the subject, decided to pray, and let the Holy Spirit actually do His own work!  🙂

4.  Big vacation with hubby – Moment

Six months after I let Jesus decide my adoption future we took a family vacation with my wonderful friend from childhood and her family.  He gets really relaxed on vacation and out of the blue says to my friend “Yeah, we’re going to adopt again.”  Say WHAT brother?

5.  I’m excited – Roadblock

I tend to get excited, but not really do anything.  Also, does anyone have twenty-five thousand dollars?

6.  Paperwork – Roadblock

Need I say more?  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

7. Time goes by………. experiences I suppose

Some people donate money, we save for a year and are able to pay our initial fees, we eventually get our paperwork done, we look at medical files and more medical files of children with special needs, I cry and pray for the orphans I’m not adopting – and finally, there she is.  I see her picture and honestly, I just feel like she’s supposed to be mine.  We file a “Letter of Intent” to adopt and care for her, and yesterday, China said OK!

We’re doing it again.  And she’s going to be ours.

5 responses to “our road to Iris – part 1 of many

  1. Jenny, you are amazing. These children are so lucky to call you Mom. Prayers that this process goes quickly and without difficulty.

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