my first retraction

So I’ve only been blogging for a few months and here comes my first retraction.

On January 2nd the information that I could find stated that the adoption tax credit was not renewed, but I have now come to find out that it actually was.

Here is a statement from the National Council for Adoption

“While I certainly cannot speak for the entire ‘Fiscal Cliff’ bill that was signed into law by President Obama, the portion pertaining to the adoption tax credit was a huge victory for vulnerable children around the world and those American families called to provide them families. This piece of the legislation was organized by a truly grassroots campaign aimed at simply extending the adoption tax credit. The measure to make it permanent assures that foster children, orphans, and vulnerable children will have one barrier to a home, finances, alleviated.” 

My happiness is overwhelming. 

I am so pleased with our government and our president at this moment.

I feel so much hope right now for the future. 

If you’ve considered adoption and the financial piece is something that has held you back, it is now time for you to take another look. 



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