The Waiting Game……

I am so tired of waiting.

When it was up to me, and I had to fill out paperwork, or get something done for this adoption, it felt different.  Like it was just one more thing on my massive list to get done.

Well, I’m done.  And now I’m waiting.  I feel like I’m 9 months pregnant, it’s the fourth of July, and I’m sweltering as I try to bend down and pick up some cheap candy for my kids.  Let’s get this over with!

There are all these little steps that I need to pass to reach the goal.

We were DTC – Documents to China early February. We celebrated.  One step down.

Then there was the Chinese New Year so the government took some time off.

LID- it stands for Logged in Date.  China gives us a date that we are officially in their adoption line.  That happened on 2/28.  Keep in mind that we turned all the documents in sometime in early December.  They spent some time being authorized or some other blah blah blah….

Now we are waiting to be OOT – Out of Translation.  Our documents will soon be written in Chinese.

Next we’ll receive an LOA – Letter of Acceptance.

Then we get visas for our daughter from the US government so she can come into the country.

Then we mail those to China and they give us a TA – I think it stands for travel appointment, but it seems so far away I can’t even concentrate on it.

And then, then I can get on a plane and travel around the world to get my daughter.  I have loved her too long now and I just can’t stand to be away any longer.

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.

Isaiah 43:5

God’s timing, right?  Last Thursday I prayed for the call that we were OOT.  Come on Lord I said, I’ll take  a little miracle today.  The answer was no.  Sigh

So I wait.

One response to “The Waiting Game……

  1. I sometimes forget how the stress of the waiting can be affecting you and John. I am proud of you two for your patience and apologize right now for not realizing it sooner. I will (and Dawn) be available come time to get your new daughter so I hope you both take full advantage. God bless!

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