Iris, we are one step closer…

I mentioned in my last post that we were logged in for our adoption on February 28th.  We were told it would take 4-6 weeks to have our documents out of translation…..

So on March 14th our family decided to pray for a miracle.  We spent the entire day praying that our paperwork would be out of translation on that day – just two weeks after our log in date.  Well the day ended and we didn’t get a call from our adoption agency.  Ok, it just wasn’t intended to be.

Today I open my email and there’s something from Logan, our adoption person.  She informs us that she received an update from China and we are not only out of translation, but we were out of translation on March 14th.

March 14th.  The day we spent in prayer.  Exactly what we had prayed for.

And I refuse to just sit here and tell you “God answered our prayers” in the same way I would inform you that we are out of aluminum foil or someone needs to clean the upstairs bathroom.

Because this is GOD people.  He said “Let there be light,” and there was light.  He took dust, simple dirt, and formed a human, breathing into him the breath of life.  He gave Sarah a child long after her body was physically able to create one.  He helped a band of unloyal misfits through generations of mistakes because they were his chosen people.  He gave us His son.  He is a man (ok God) with a lot of stuff to do.

Yet, he has time to listen to me.  Me.  A crazy, occasionally faithless, constantly questioning, messing-up person with one hand on the Bible in trust and the other hand forever on the phone ready to dial 911 in case He just doesn’t come through this time.  Me.

So when you read this I want you to picture me on my roof, waving a flag, carrying a bull horn and screaming “The Creator of the Universe has answered my prayer!!!!”

It was a small prayer, a simple prayer, and he took the time to listen and say “Sure Zabrockis…I can do that for you.”

That is one amazing God.

And Iris, we are on our way baby.  Hold on.  Feel the presence of God, because He’s there.  You are a Zabrocki too so He’s answered this prayer for you.

We are one step closer…….




2 responses to “Iris, we are one step closer…

  1. Read your post once. Then read it out loud to Dan and couldn’t keep it together. Praising our amazing God with you!!

  2. I am always moved to tears when I am shown how constant God is when I myself keep putting limits on HIM! God is Great!

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