the day before…

We arrived in China two days ago and have had a whirlwind travel experience.  We got in late friday night and then early Saturday morning we boarded a train to go to Xian and see the terra cotta warriors.  It was a high speed train that traveled 180 mph, so it was like going from Chicago to Denver in 5 1/2 hours.  Pretty awesome.  Then we toured and took an overnight train back to Beijing.  Each compartment had two beds so Emily and I were in one, Jon the other.  His Chinese roommate left around 10pm after a brief “discussion” with the staff, not to return.  Hmmm….

The terra cotta warriors were amazing, but the experience overall kind of funny.  It is not at all socially unacceptable to butt in line here, so often there is a crowd of people just rushing for the best spot.  We were in line for a tram to take us up to the warriors, and when the tram pulled up, they would open the front of the line and everyone would just run.  You can not even imagine how difficult this was for Jon.  The only Western around and he just kept saying “excuse me.  Oh so sorry.  Oh, would you like this seat.  Here you go.  Please sit.  You can have it” 

No one understood him, but that did not stop anyone from taking the white dude’s seat.

Our guide there was very knowledable and great.  She was all of 4’10 and 90 pounds and she kept saying “It is the busy season.  You must be aggressive.”  I finally told her it was not at all in my husband’s character to push a bunch of Chinese people out of the way just to get the best photo. 

She finally gave up on him and I believe our photos are in the “second best spot” available. 

It was over 100 in Xian, which is further south than Beijing, and we are traveling down to Guangzhou this weekend for our appointment at the US consulate and Guangzhou is at the same longitude as the Florida Keys, so I can only assume it will be crazy hot.  I forgot my swimsuit (our next hotel has a pool) and I’m sorta thinkin’ a suit in my size might be hard to find. 

I would like to say we don’t have jetlag, but I fell asleep at 2 this afternoon and had to force myself back up at 7, and now here I am at 10 wide awake.  Jetlag it is.

We have our “gotcha day” tomorrow at 730 am!  It seems unreal.  Our guide has met our daughter before and she said she remembers she talked a lot. 

Of course she does.  Is there any other way to be a Zabrocki?

Next kid will be a quiet, shy introvert that never talks back.  🙂  Or not.

Looking forward to a blessed day tomorrow as we meet a stanger that is our daughter, try to explain to her how we can love her before we even lay eyes on her, and hopefully show her what family is.

3 responses to “the day before…

  1. Great update,almost feels like I was with you rushing for the train or at the terra-cotta army. Can’t wait to meet your daughter. Hope you,Emily and John have an adventure of your life. Miss you all and see you soon!
    Love Jeremy

  2. hey kid, funny re-reading this. “Our guide has met our daughter and she remembers that she talks a lot”. Ha!!!!!!

    You rock Jenny Z. Happy Mom’s Day 2014. 5 kids down, how many to go???

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