Give me a D! Give me an A! Give me a D!

What’s that spell?!? Well, to Iris, it’s actually Baba, the Chinese word for dad.

Yep, folks. He is her hands down favorite. From the moment we met her, she could not take her eyes off him. She kept looking at the hair on his arms and face and just laughing at it. She wants him to carry her, tickle her, throw her around. It’s so cute. Second favorite is Emily. And currently, I’m coming in last. She likes me and will do stuff with me, but then she runs over to show Jon or just keeps watching him while we play.

My sister wanted to know if I was jealous and I said NO WAY! Why would I be? Everyone eventually loves their mom. And let’s be honest. I’m a little lazy and entertaining a 6 year old in a hotel room isn’t easy. I’m totally off the hook.

At one point Jon suggested I fly home early seeing as I’m currently of no use.

We were laughing that she acts like he’s her new puppy. All furry and full of fun, without the biting and peeing on your carpet. He’s perfect.

Then when we were at the Forbidden City Jon was carrying Iris and she said to our guide “Look, he’s like my ox!”

Yep, Iris has a new pet.

It would also be obvious why he’s staying in #1 position if you would look at our google translate list of saved words. His is full of words like pretty, smart, funny, cute, I love you.

And I also have those words, followed by calm down, do not touch, not nice, please don’t do that, quiet down, hold my hand.

She is pushing boundaries without a doubt. I’m sure she didn’t spend her orphanage life galavanting around Beijing, but I still think that walking on tables, spitting on the ground, and grabbing things out of adult’s hands is something that she is just doing to test our reaction. It’s just a theory, but seeing as she doesn’t do any of that when our Chinese guide is with us, I believe I’m correct.

After 3 days of this, I think Jon has added calm down to his google translate list.

Off to the Great Wall of China today. It’s hot and I haven’t been feeling well, so we’ll have to see how this goes. It’s either a 6 hour walk up uneven stairs, or a gondola ride over 3/4 of the way and only an hour walk up. I’m taking the latter, but then I’m sure that’s obvious, as I already stated I am just a little lazy.

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