Another day….

iris 4

Yesterday we flew to Guangzhou where the US consulate is. Our appointment isn’t until Thursday, so we have some waiting to do. About 5 other families from our agency flew here as well from other provinces, and it’s actually nice to meet up with other families. And of course there are other families here from other agencies.

Today we went to the International Medical Center. All people applying for a US visa need to have a medical check up and get a TB test. So there were many families there from all agencies with adoptive children. It was beautiful. I just kept thinking “There’s one less orphan. Oh wait, and there’s another. And another. And another.” It was fantastic. But there are still more, so feel free to come and get one!

Iris is fantastic. A few minutes ago she wrote down August 4th on paper and said, “mama, happy birthday to me.” I told her tomorrow and she gave me a huge smile. I asked her if she wanted cake….big yes. Using google translate I asked if she ever had cake before for her birthday and she said No. 😦 I then said “You will stay with us forever.” and I got a big smile and a kiss! How wonderful is that? In the morning we plan on facetiming the kids at home to sing Happy Birthday with us. Which, ironically, Iris already knows.

So tomorrow I have a 7 year old! I can not wait to celebrate the first birthday of many!

3 responses to “Another day….

  1. I am so happy and excited for you and Jon. I bet the other three are chomping at the bit to see and meet her.
    Make sure we get invited to the iris bday US PARTY

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