A difficult decision….

The decision was made.  The family is dissolving the adoption. 

In China the adoption is final in the province and then you fly to Guangzhou for your child’s US visa.

So tomorrow they board a plane back to Shanghai with Alex and return him to the orphanage.  Back to the civil affairs office to repeat paperwork, but this time to not be parents.

Our guide in Beijing told us that the orphanages in Beijing and Shanghai are fantastic.  And the Chinese government always takes care of their orphans and finds them all jobs when they turn 18.  I guess if you drink enough of the propaganda kool-aid around here, you believe that. 

I can not imagine this boy’s future.

There were other counselors that agreed Alex may not be ready for adoption.  But it’s the opposite.  When he was ready, no one came.  So now he is lost on what it means to love and be part of a family. 

But I hold on to the fact that in the next 48 hours, 5 families from my agency alone take home children that are orphans no longer. 

One less orphan…     Fin

One less orphan….    Lucy

One less orphan….    Issac

One less orphan….     Ade

One less orphan…    Iris




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