iris 3

Today we fly home and Iris becomes a US citizen the moment we land on US soil!! Yes!

Our guide told her yesterday that we were going to the consulate to get a visa and when Iris asked what a visa was, our guide told her we needed to sign some papers and get a stamp to come to the United States and live with us. Iris replied, “I will sign my whole name on the paper so that I can get my stamp.” She’s ready!

We found out two days ago that Iris went to live with foster parents when she was found at 2 months and stayed with them until she was 5, only then going to the orphanage to attend school and “get ready to be adopted.” It is obvious that they were loving towards her by her readiness to be in a family again.

We feel blessed beyond measure. I can not believe how lucky I am to be the mother to 5 fantastic, outstanding, unique children.

Flying out of China tonight to be reunited and become the new family God has created!

3 responses to “Score!

  1. This is Ade’s mom 🙂 We left Guangzhou, arrived in Plano Texas (the best place in the world, haha!) and we have now one new happy US citizen! Iris is such a wonderful daughter. She was so ready for her family. What a blessing and honor it was for us to get to know you all!

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