How I Manage the Last Week of Summer (or not)

I do not even know myself during the last week of summer.  I am literally a crazy women with so many personalities that even my dog can’t recognize me sometimes.

I am down to 10 days until school starts.  10.

How do I feel about that?  Well, it depends on the minute.

Every summer we make a list of all the stuff we want to do.  It’s called the Super Summer Challenge.  It’s actually really helpful for me.  Kids are bored?  Find something to check off on the super summer challenge.  Make a blanket fort, play pictionary, whatever.  It’s all in fun and we never accomplish the entire thing.

Makes me seem amazing, doesn't it?

Makes me seem amazing, doesn’t it?

However with only 10 days left I begin to wonder Did I do enough fun stuff?  On the other hand, with 10 days left, I’m out of cash.  So, like the crazy woman I am, I found a school playground with a zip line and we did it yesterday.  It was so small all my kids had to scrunch up their legs super high to make it work.

Check that off the list.  See kids, I freaking rock as a mother.  You went ZIP LINING this summer.  That’s right.  Last weekend the pool is open?  We are there.  And I actually get in the water for the first time all summer instead of read a book.

I am present.  Living in the moment.  Savoring Each. Last. Little. Bit. of time with my precious babies.


With that being said, I can not stand these little life suckers.  I will NOT survive 10 more days.  It’s like the Walking Dead around here.  My skin is hanging off and if they make too much noise I might just run them down and eat their brains.  Or whatever it takes to SHUT THEM UP AND STOP THE COMPLAINING!

I was running errands this week.  Yes, tasks designed to keep them alive and happy, such as going to the grocery store and fixing my leaking tire.  Here are the texts I received.


Oh cry eye – what in the world do I do with that but assume we are raising incompetent human beings?  Seriously.  All I could think was Well goodness gracious girl!  You just found yourself a legal way out of this parenting thing.  Just take a week-long road trip and they will apparently STARVE to death while in a house filled with food.

That text was from my oldest and nearly 16-year-old.  They don’t get all that smarter as you go down the line.

I”m a walking piece of insanity.  And doesn’t that just about sum up parenting?

So friends, this is my message.  It is ok to cry on the first day of school.  I will be right there with you thinking about how much I will miss them over the next 9 months and how our lovely family evenings will now be filled with homework, sports, and exhaustion.

It is also ok to make a celebratory lunch date with your girlfriends on the second day of school and drink wine by 11:30 am.  My plans are already on the calendar.  Then I will come home, take a nap, a savor the silence.

Well, at least until 3:20 when my precious babies return.

And clearly need me to feed them.

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