Books I Love

unknown chineseMessage from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Love and Loss by Xinran.

Xinran was a radio journalists in China for years and spent a great deal of time investigating

why women abandon their newborn daughters and how much pain they endure throughout

life.  I was overwhelmed to read about the plight of women in this current day and age

and how they struggle for basic human rights.  You will be moved to love and

empathize withthe Chinese mothers who have had to endure the loss of a child.

there is no methere is no me without you by Melissa Fay Greene.

  This book reads like a novel, but is a journalistic account of the AIDS epidemic in Africa,

primarily Ethiopia, and follows one woman’s personal journey to help children who have been orphaned by AIDS.

Beautiful, informative, and moving.

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To say I love this book would be difficult, because it’s one of the most painful books I have ever read.  But still, you should read it.  It is important that we all understand what slavery in this century looks like, because it’s still alive and happening today.

Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle
I’ve had this book for over a year and didn’t get the chance to read it until now. It came at the perfect point where I just needed to be reminded of God’s boundless grace and love for me. It’s a book about Father Boyle’s life alongside gang members in LA, but it is also full of wisdom and beauty about the love of God. Here is one of Boyle’s simple and beautiful thoughts:

Jesus, in Matthew’s gospel, says, “How narrow is the gate that leads to life.” Mistakenly, I think, we’ve come to believe that this is about restriction. The way is narrow. But it really wants us to see that narrowness is the way. St. hedwig writes, “All is narrow for me, I feel so vast.” it’s about funneling ourselves into a central place. Our choice is not to focus on the narrow, but to narrow our focus. The gate that leads to life is not about restriction at all. it is about an entry into the expansive. There is a vastness in knowing you’re a son/daughter worth having. We see our plentitude in God’s own expansive view of us, and we marinate in this.

I would give you more, but then this review would go on for pages. Pick it up and read it. It’s just that beautiful.

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